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WCCS Directory


Employee: Position: Phone Number: Email Address:
Olivia Acoff Counselor/AE 334-876-9307 olivia.acoff@wccs.edu
Dorothy Adams SECHS Coordinator 334-876-9263 dorothy.adams@wccs.edu
Bertha Allen AMSTI Math Specialist 334-876-9415 bertha.allen@wccs.edu
Kenny Allen Masonry Instructor 334-876-9357 kenny.allen@wccs.edu
Eric Allison Network Administrator / Instructor 334-876-9269 eric.allison@wccs.edu
Tampatha Austin Secretary to the Director of the Physical Plant Department 334-876-9320 tampatha.austin@wccs.edu
Nancy Autery Mathematics Instructor 334-876-9256 nancy.autery@wccs.edu
Antionetta Baldwin Biology Instructor 334-876-9273 antionetta.baldwin@wccs.edu
Tiffany Barlow AMSTI Math Specialist 334-876-9390 tiffany.barlow@wccs.edu
Sherlisa Barnes Math Instructor sherlisa.barnes@wccs.edu
Matilda Baynes DayWelding Assistant 334-876-9375 matilda.baynes@wccs.edu
Vickie Bell Business Office Secretary 334-876-9246 vickie.bell@wccs.edu
Robby Bennett Dir./Tech. & Inf. Services 334-876-9228 robby.bennett@wccs.edu
Betty Bentley Director of Talent Search / Gear Up 334-876-9244 betty.bentley@wccs.edu
Dr. Charles Blackledge Interim Dean of Instruction 334-876-9270 charles.blackledge@wccs.edu
Corey Bowie Educational Talent Search Recruiter / Adult Education & Retention Advisor 334-876-9290 corey.bowie@wccs.edu
Karen Bradsell Student Support Services Secretary 334-876-9306 karen.bradsell@wccs.edu
Tammie Briggs Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences 334-876-9236 tammie.briggs@wccs.edu
Jacinta Bright Online Student Coach jacinta.bright@wccs.edu
Karen Brown Lab Coordinator 334-876-9262 karen.brown@wccs.edu
Veronica Brown LPN/NAS Program Director, Nursing Instructor (LPN) 334-876-9335 veronica.brown@wccs.edu
Geralyn Buford AMSTI Science Specialist 334-876-9418 geralyn.buford@wccs.edu
Andrew Burton Systems Analyst 334-876-9259 andrew.burton@wccs.edu
Kasey Burton Adjunct Instructor kasey.burton@wccs.edu
Webbie Calhoun LPN Instructor 334-876-9309 webbie.calhoun@wccs.edu
Minnie Carstarphen Library Director 334-876-9345 minnie.carstarphen@wccs.edu
Becky Casey ADN Director 334-876-9271 becky.casey@wccs.edu
Janet Cathey-Pugh Psychology Instructor 334-876-9355 janet.pugh@wccs.edu
Pamela Caver-Jackson LPN Instructor 334-876-9342 pamela.caver-jackson@wccs.edu
Channie Chapman Student Support Services Counselor 334-876-9363 channie.chapman@wccs.edu
Daphne Charley Human Resources Generalist 334-876-9234 daphne.charley@wccs.edu
Veronica Chesnut Adjunct Instructor veronica.chesnut@wccs.edu
Angelina Chestnut ADN Clinical Instructor angelina.chestnut@wccs.edu
Renna Clements Adjunct Instructor renna.clements@wccs.edu
Lonzy Clifton Director of Admissions / Counselor / GED Chief Examiner 334-876-9251 lonzy.clifton@wccs.edu
Charlene Cobb E-Learning Secretary 334-876-9268 charlene.cobb@wccs.edu
Steffan Coleman AMSTI Materials Manager 334-876-9414 steffan.coleman@wccs.edu
Lori Ann Combs Business Office/Payroll Clerk 334-876-9378 loriann.combs@wccs.edu
Helen Cosby Secretery to Asst. Dean of Instruction 334-876-9421 helen.cosby@wccs.edu
Ben Craig Print Shop Tech 334-876-9381 ben.craig@wccs.edu
Bertram Crum Adjunct Instructor bertram.crum@wccs.edu
Valerie Curtis IT Secretary 334-876-9416 valerie.curtis@wccs.edu
Becky Davis Computer Science/Instr. 334-876-9336 becky.davis@wccs.edu
Bettie Davis Guest Services Attendant 334-876-9395 bettie.davis@wccs.edu
Foster Davis Head Men's Basketball Coach 334-876-9358 foster.davis@wccs.edu
Mary Davis Business Office / Accounts Receivable 334-876-9249 mary.davis@wccs.edu
Sarah Davis Adult Health Nursing Coordinator/LPN Instructor 334-876-9337 sarah.davis@wccs.edu
Lori Deavers Financial Aid Administrative Assistant 334-876-9289 lori.deavers@wccs.edu
Colleen Dixon LPN/NAS Departmental Secretary 334-876-9339 colleen.dixon@wccs.edu
Cecile Douglas Nursing (ADN) Instructor, Registered Nurse 334-876-9272 cecile.douglas@wccs.edu
Dr. Bruce Dozier Sr. Math Instructor bruce.dozier@wccs.edu
Cindy Duck Talent Search Counselor 334-876-9324 cindy.duck@wccs.edu
Charles Dysart Director of Public Safety 334-876-9248 charles.dysart@wccs.edu
Frank Elliott Baseball Coach / Health Education Instructor 334-876-9340 frank.elliott@wccs.edu
Naopi Evans Business Office / Accounts Payable Clerk 334-876-9330 naopi.evans@wccs.edu
Audrey Ford Adult Education Teacher's Aide 334-876-9229 audrey.ford@wccs.edu
Monique Ford Simulation / E-Learning Technical Specialist 334-876-9303 monique.ford@wccs.edu
Sabrina Ford ADN Instructor sabrina.ford@wccs.edu
Crystal Forte Developmental ENG Instructor crystal.forte@wccs.edu
William Paul Garner Adjunct Instructor william.garner@wccs.edu
Cynthia Gibson Write NOW! Coordinator 334-876-9422 cynthia.gibson@wccs.edu
Virginia Glover Secretary to President 334-876-9231 virginia.glover@wccs.edu
Ghytana Goings Mathematics Instructor / Arts & Sciences Dept. Chair 334-876-9382 ghytana.goings@wccs.edu
Jimmie Goldsby Physical Plant Director 334-876-9325 jimmie.goldsby@wccs.edu
Pamela Goodwin Nursing Instructor pamela.goodwin@wccs.edu
Rachel Gordon Transfer Coordinator, Student Support Services 334-876-9291 rachel.gordon@wccs.edu
LaMichael Goree Assistant Men's Baseball Coach lamichael.goree@wccs.edu
Raji Gourdine Asst. Dean of Instruction 334-876-9292 raji.gourdine@wccs.edu
Calvin Griffin Welding/Day Instructor 334-876-9350 calvin.griffin@wccs.edu
Donitha Griffin Dean of Students 334-876-9302 donitha.griffin@wccs.edu
Terry Grissom Adjunct Instructor terry.grissom@wccs.edu
Nigel Guthridge AMSTI Warehouse nigel.guthridge@wccs.edu
Mark Halpin 3D Developer 334-876-9310 mark.halpin@wccs.edu
Antonio Hamilton Night Masonry Instructor 334-876-9357 antonio.hamilton@wccs.edu
Marcus Hannah Athletic Director 334-876-9362 marcus.hannah@wccs.edu
Marilyn Hannah Business Instructor 334-876-9383 marilyn.hannah@wccs.edu
Isaiah Haralson Maintenance 334-876-9325 isaiah.haralson@wccs.edu
April Harper Women's Basketball/Volleyball 334-876-9360 april.harper@wccs.edu
Christopher Harrell Assistant Men's Basketball Coach christopher.harrell@wccs.edu
Douglas Harris Welding Assistant douglas.harris@wccs.edu
Eddie Harrison Welding Instructor 334-876-9375 eddie.harrison@wccs.edu
Linda Headley Records Custodian 334-876-9299 linda.headley@wccs.edu
Tammy Helms AVC Secretary / Community Education Coordinator / Cashier 334-876-9412 tammy.helms@wccs.edu
Kerry Henderson Business Education Instructor 334-876-9245 kerry.henderson@wccs.edu
David Hobbs Drafting Instructor 334-876-9347 david.hobbs@wccs.edu
Kathleen Holliman BUS/CIS/OAD Chairperson/Instructor 334-876-9241 kathleen.holliman@wccs.edu
Vatausha Howard Adjunct Instructor vatausha.howard@wccs.edu
Connie Hudson Student Services Secretary 334-876-9266 connie.hudson@wccs.edu
DeDe Inge AMSTI Director 334-876-9417 dede.inge@wccs.edu
Irma Jean Jackson Testing Specialist/SS 334-876-9317 jean.jackson@wccs.edu
Maldonia Jackson Adjunct Teacher maldonia.jackson@wccs.edu
Veronica Jackson LPN Instructor 334-876-9298 veronica.jackson@wccs.edu
Shelia Jefferson Sec/Student Services 334-876-9295 shelia.jefferson@wccs.edu
Althelstein Johnson English Instructor 334-876-9328 althelstein.johnson@wccs.edu
Connie Jones Computer Information Systems Instructor 334-876-9243 connie.jones@wccs.edu
Joseph Jones Maintenance Repairer joseph.jones@wccs.edu
Kendra Jones English Instructor 334-876-9316 kendra.jones@wccs.edu
Marie Jones Bookstore Manager 334-876-9284 marie.jones@wccs.edu
Natasha Jones Talent Search / Security Secretary 334-876-9297 natasha.jones@wccs.edu
Judy Jordan Distance Learning Lab Proctor judy.jordan@wccs.edu
Regina Kennedy Math Specialist for AMSTI 334-876-9372 regina.kennedy@wccs.edu
Anessa Kidd Counselor / Financial Aid Assistant Director 334-876-9286 anessa.kidd@wccs.edu
Brandon Kimbrough Print Shop Tech brandon.kimbrough@wccs.edu
Shirley Laister Cosmetology Instructor 334-876-9265 shirley.laister@wccs.edu
Earlene Larkin Institutional Development 334-876-9394 earlene.larkin@wccs.edu
Kateri Lee Biology Instructor 334-876-9319 kateri.lee@wccs.edu
Shannon Lee ADN Clinical Instructor shannon.lee@wccs.edu
Rita Lett Educational and Cultural Affairs Director 334-876-9240 rita.lett@wccs.edu
Bonita Lewis Night Cosmetology Instr. 334-876-9408 bonita.lewis@wccs.edu
George Lewis Adjunct Instructor george.lewis@wccs.edu
Suzanne Light Secretary/ADN 334-876-9275 suzanne.light@wccs.edu
Lenore Lofton WCCS Math Adjunct lenore.lofton@wccs.edu
Alice Logan Ready To Work Program 334-876-9377 alice.logan@wccs.edu
Shuntelra Logan Enrollment Management Specialist 334-876-9287 shuntelra.logan@wccs.edu
Burma Lomax Adult Education Instructor 334-876-9374 burma.lomax@wccs.edu
Angela Lunsford ADN Instructor 334-876-9406 angela.lunsford@wccs.edu
Teresa Marshall Secretary of Arts/Sciences 334-876-9313 teresa.marshall@wccs.edu
Geraldine Martin Ready to Work Instructor geraldine.martin@wccs.edu
Suzette Martin Nursing (LPN) Instructor 334-876-9359 suzette.martin@wccs.edu
Monroe McCree Maintenance 334-876-9326 monroe.mccree@wccs.edu
April McKnight Adjunct april.mcknight@wccs.edu
Christi Melton LPN Instructor 334-876-9353 christi.melton@wccs.edu
Darrio Melton Adjunct Instructor darrio.melton@wccs.edu
Elaine Melton Switchboard Operator elaine.melton@wccs.edu
Gregory Miller Business Administration Instructor 334-876-9308 gregory.miller@wccs.edu
Jermel Miller English Instructor 334-876-9258 jermel.miller@wccs.edu
Pearlie Miller Nursing (LPN) Instructor 334-876-9341 pearlie.miller@wccs.edu
Sheila Minor Mathematics Instructor 334-876-9376 sheila.minor@wccs.edu
Dr. James Mitchell President 334-876-9230 james.mitchell@wccs.edu
Kim Mixon-Carter LPN Instructor 334-876-9333 kim.mixon-carter@wccs.edu
Dale Moore Night Electricity 334-876-9409 dale.moore@wccs.edu
Derrick Moore AMSTI Warehouse derrick.moore@wccs.edu
Dorothy Moore Online Student Coach / Adjunct Teacher dorothy.moore@wccs.edu
Kathy Moore Director of Student Support Services 334-876-9264 kathy.moore@wccs.edu
Monica Moore ADN Clinical Instructor monica.moore@wccs.edu
Pamela Moore Secretary to Dean of Instruction 334-876-9257 pamela.moore@wccs.edu
Timothy Moore Maintenance 334-876-9325 timothy.moore@wccs.edu
Johnny Moss III Director of Marketing & College Relations / BOOST Recruiter 334-876-9233 johnny.moss@wccs.edu
Bettye Motley Educational Talent Search Counselor 334-876-9301 bettye.motley@wccs.edu
Margaret Mott Business Education Inst. 334-876-9247 margaret.mott@wccs.edu
Eddie Moultrie Director of Transportation 334-876-9354 eddie.moultrie@wccs.edu
Karrie Nevith Adjunct Instructor karrie.nevith@wccs.edu
Sunette Newman Student Services Office Manager/Secretary to the Dean of Students 334-876-9305 sunette.newman@wccs.edu
Raford Nixon Simulation & Modeling Developer 334-876-9310 / 334-876-9323 raford.nixon@wccs.edu
Sharde Oliver Speech Instructor 334-876-9338 sharde.oliver@wccs.edu
Dr. Holly Owens Biology Instructor 334-876-9315 holly.owens@wccs.edu
Melinda Page Adult Education / Job Readiness Instructor 334-876-9239 melinda.page@wccs.edu
Ray Patterson Computer Maintenance/Audio Visual 334-876-9260 ray.patterson@wccs.edu
Andre' Pearson AMSTI Warehouse andre.pearson@wccs.edu
Earnestine Perry Night Coordinator earnestine.perry@wccs.edu
Candice Pettaway Adjunct Instructor candice.pettaway@wccs.edu
Clarence Pettway Assistant Director / AMSTI Math Specialist 334-876-9403 clarence.pettway@wccs.edu
Felecia Pettway Interim AVC Director / Business & Industry Specialist / BOOST Student Coach 334-876-9379 felecia.pettway@wccs.edu
Lee Pettway LPN Clinical Associate lee.pettway@wccs.edu
Dr. Martha Pettway PAVES Coordinator 334-876-9426 martha.pettway@wccs.edu
Thomas Powell History Adjunct thomas.powell@wccs.edu
Elijah Pugh Chemistry Instructor 334-876-9280 elijah.pugh@wccs.edu
Quanda Pullum AMSTI Secretary 334-876-9420 quanda.pullum@wccs.edu
Christy Purdie Cashier 334-876-9404 christy.purdie@wccs.edu
Karol Purdie Nursing Instructor karol.purdie@wccs.edu
Jennifer Reynolds Secretary/Fin. Aid 334-876-9296 jennifer.reynolds@wccs.edu
Ramona Rhodes Speech/English Instructor 334-876-9318 ramona.rhodes@wccs.edu
Erika Roberson AMSTI Bookkeeper 334-876-9419 erika.roberson@wccs.edu
Eric Rogers Electrical Instructor 334-876-9348 eric.rogers@wccs.edu
Ebony Rose Job Placement Coach 334-876-9410 ebony.rose@wccs.edu
Felicia Sanders Director of E-Learning 334-876-9352 felicia.sanders@wccs.edu
Dr. Tracey Shannon Nursing (ADN) Instructor 334-876-9277 tracey.shannon@wccs.edu
Gloria Simmons Boost Student Coach 334-876-9279 gloria.simmons@wccs.edu
Lawrence Simmons Industrial Maintenance Instructor 334-876-9407 lawrence.simmons@wccs.edu
Jacqueline Smith Dean of Business and Finance 334-876-9242 jacqueline.smith@wccs.edu
Leigh Ann Smith Business Office / Restricted Accounts Clerk 334-876-9255 leighann.smith@wccs.edu
Shandra Smith WIRED/Workforce Innovations Director 334-876-9393 shandra.smith@wccs.edu
Anna Smitherman ADN Instructor 334-876-9281 anna.smitherman@wccs.edu
John Snow Security Monitor john.snow@wccs.edu
Lula Snowden Adult Education Director 334-876-9370 lula.snowden@wccs.edu
Brandi Spears Institutional Effectiveness Secretary 334-876-9278 brandi.spears@wccs.edu
Don Speed Adjunct Instructor don.speed@wccs.edu
Chandra Spicer Math Specialist for AMSTI chandra.spicer@wccs.edu
Donte Stevenson Electrical Assistant 334-876-9348 donte.stevenson@wccs.edu
Maxine Sturdivant Write NOW! Director 334-876-9331 maxine.sturdivant@wccs.edu
Otis Tarver Night Welding Instructor 334-876-9351 otis.tarver@wccs.edu
Dr. Danica Taylor CRNP ADN Instructor 334-876-9276 danica.taylor@wccs.edu
Sonya Taylor Adjunct Teacher sonya.taylor@wccs.edu
Jerome Thames Night Welding Instructor 334-876-9398 jerome.thames@wccs.edu
Sheila Theiss Talent Search Counselor / ADA Coordinator 334-876-9294 sheila.theiss@wccs.edu
Gloria Thomas Secretary to Business Education/Business Administration/CIS 334-876-9252 gloria.thomas@wccs.edu
Yolanda Thompkins Adjunct Instructor yolanda.thompkins@wccs.edu
Jocelyn Tubbs-Turner Science Specialist for AMSTI jocelyn.tubbs-turner@wccs.edu
Anthony Turner English Instructor 334-876-9312 anthony.turner@wccs.edu
Herman Turner Volleyball Asst. Coach 334-876-9346 herman.turner@wccs.edu
Laura Vance Comptroller 334-876-9232 laura.vance@wccs.edu
Sharon Walker Library Secretary 334-876-9344 sharon.walker@wccs.edu
Shermanita Walker AMSTI Science Specialist 334-876-9389 shermanita.walker@wccs.edu
Connie Wallace Cosmetology Instructor 334-876-9253 connie.wallace@wccs.edu
Norman Weatherspoon Maintenance 334-876-9326 norman.weatherspoon@wccs.edu
Gordon Welch Music Instructor 334-876-9384 gordon.welch@wccs.edu
Dr. Tara White History Instructor 334-876-9424 tara.white@wccs.edu
Donald Wilder Mathematics Instructor 334-876-9258 donald.wilder@wccs.edu
Angelica Williams Adult Education Secretary 334-876-9369 angelica.williams@wccs.edu
Penny Williams Developmental Instructor penny.williams@wccs.edu
Roosevelt Williams Custodial Maintenance / Grounds roosevelt.williams@wccs.edu
Wendy Williams Adjunct Instructor wendy.williams@wccs.edu
Pete Williamson Related Math Instructor 334-876-9267 pete.williamson@wccs.edu
Beverly Wilson Adjunct Instructor beverly.wilson@wccs.edu
Melinda Woods Secretary to the Athletics Department melinda.woods@wccs.edu
Pamela Wright Mathematics Instructor 334-876-9312 pamela.wright@wccs.edu
Cindy Yeager ADN Instructor 334-876-9282 cindy.yeager@wccs.edu
Wanda Young Biology Adjunct Instructor wanda.young@wccs.edu
Sheri Zimmerman Student Services Secretary 334-876-9396 sheri.zimmerman@wccs.edu